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Solar Powered Biotechnology


The Urban Forest provides much more than just aesthetic beauty. City trees are green infrastructure, protecting city transportation networks like roads and sidewalk. They calm traffic, provide habitat for city wildlife, manage storm water, and protect homes and businesses. 
Kris MacLellan 2011

Kris MacLellan 2011


Hardy Loners

Street trees are a part of a city's character. The stand sentinel over a changing world. Their lives are intertwined with our own, and they connect us with our history and place in the natural order. 

Parks and Recreation

Parks are the nexus of human society and wilderness. Parks provide a single serving of the outdoors, a place for humans to present a natural experience for one another. Without them, children and adults alike lose crucial opportunities to develop a connection to the Earth. 

How I can help

Halifax, Nova Scotia, is the proud owner of one of Canada's best Urban Forest Master Plans (UFMP). This document outlines a comprehensive approach to managing all of the trees within the serviced urban core. I was part of the team that crafted the UFMP, and I helped it become a document that reflects the urban forest values of its citizens. Municipalities across Canada are taking note, and many jurisdictions can learn the lessons Halifax's example provides. 

I am a member of the Canadian Urban Forest Research Group. We are "a small community of urban-forest researchers and professionals that aims to advance urban-forest research and relay new knowledge to urban forest professionals and interested citizens in support of developing sustainable urban forests across Canada." If you are interested in the urban forest,