L. Kris MacLellan

A collection of my interests, professional and personal

Green Energy

Since 2014, I have been a key part of a team developing renewable energy projects in Atlantic Canada and around the world.

I am one of a very small group of professionals with real-world experience developing marine renewable energy projects. 

·         Business Development

o   Extensive research and proposal writing for energy projects in Canada’s North, the Caribbean, Western Africa, Western Canada and the Northeastern United States

o   Familiarity with proposal request frameworks for major international financial institutions

o   Responsible for developing proposals for local, national, and international markets

o   Secured external public and private investment for energy projects, including from private equity markets and public industrial funding agencies

·         Project Development

o   Contributed to a project portfolio including tidal energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power, solar energy, waste-to-energy, and natural gas development

o   Intimate knowledge and experience with electrical permitting and environmental consenting processes in Nova Scotia

o   Contributed industry perspectives to the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board

·         Community Engagement

o   Acted as a key contact for project and community inquiries for multi-year project

o   Organized and led meetings with municipal leaders and community liaison committees, drawing on variety of community engagement disciplines

o   Responsible for developing informational materials on ongoing projects

o   Worked closely with environmental advocacy groups, First Nations, recreational vehicle groups, and industry associations