L. Kris MacLellan

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Marine Renewables

The ocean, powered by the tidal forces of the moon's orbit around the Earth, provides enormous possibilities for clean energy generation.

Tidal power and wave energy are both reaching a level of technology readiness suitable for commercial installation. Test centres and demonstration projects around the world are meeting success after success,  as complex problems meet clever thinking and, ultimately, solutions.  

As marine renewable energy drives toward cost competitiveness with other green energy sources, governments and industry can set the stage for a coastal industrial revolution. 

Rural employment, economic diversification, and sustainable development accompany investment in this sector. Lessons from offshore and onshore wind energy, as well as offshore oil and gas, give the best examples of the kinds of benefits that a promised by this new industry. 

As the world moves toward ever more agressive GHG emission targets, all jurisdictions with the potential to explore tidal energy need to begin making the right investments to secure future success - today.