L. Kris MacLellan

A collection of my interests, professional and personal


After a decade away from bouldering, I've relearned a love for this quirky piece of the climbing puzzle. Back then I always seemed to get hurt doing it, and I don't quite heal the way I used to. Thankfully, the opening of a bouldering lounge helped me to gain a number of core competencies in this sport I was definitely lacking before. My mental game is improved, skin is better suited to the style, and my snobbish reluctance to do it at all has been fully shed. 

I don't exactly boulder proper hard yet, but I'm working on it. My 2017 goal to climb V6 was met on Adrenaline Junkie at Chebucto head, and remains on paper the "hardest" thing I've ever climbed. Now I'm looking for more V6s and a V7(+)that suits my style. Chasing grades is another part of our hobby that I've looked down on before, but I now see as just one more element that makes climbing the most beautiful sport on earth. 

These videos represent an evolution in my approach to climbing. I see them as an attempt to create interesting still photography that just happens to have a climber in it. 

Videos with me as the climber

HERMIT WALL - Anthony and I boating out to Shut-In Island to explore new boulders  

First Ascents

Still waiting to find a harder boulder problem to climb first. This year I found two tiny firsts though, both simple and beautiful

Videos of others

I'm lucky to climb with lots of other talented people